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View of Polanco and Chapultepec, Dominion Suites Polanco

Polanco & chapultepec

Discover the most exclusive and chic neighborhood of the city and explore its largest forest area, adorned by artificial lakes and crowned by a beautiful castle, which also houses four wonderful museums.

Frida Kahlo posing with a statue at Dominion Suites Polanco

Frida kahlo ​& diego rivera

​Discover the Frida Kahlo Museum, the famous 'Blue House’, and two more great museums that testify to the richness and inspiration of the life and work of this famous couple of Mexican artists from the first half of the XXth century.

Traditional market in Mexico city near Dominion Suites Polanco

Traditional markets ​in mexico city

Visit three of the city's most representative markets and discover their pre-Hispanic origins, their colors, the diversity of local products and countless manifestations of the popular culture and religiosity.

Teotihuacan unveiled near Dominion Suites Polanco

Teotihuacan unveiled

​Visit the most important archaeological site in central Mexico and experience  a full immersion in the history, culture, art and natural environment of the civilization that built the City of the Gods.

People in Mexican muralism near Dominion Suites Polanco

Mexican muralism

Admire the works of the three great Art masters of post-revolutionary Mexico, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and José Clemente Orozco, captured on the walls of several outstanding buildings at the Historic Center.

Tacos and traditional foods served at Dominion Suites Polanco

Tacos & traditional food

Enjoy the typical gastronomy of the city stopping in traditional eateries and food stalls while exploring the neighborhood of your choice: Historic Center, Coyoacan, San Angel, Roma or Polanco.

Historic art market near Dominion Suites Polanco

Historic neighborhoods

Discover the history, architecture, picturesque corners, markets, traditions and daily life of the most beautiful and iconic neighborhoods of the city: Historic Center, Coyoacan, San Angel, Roma, Condesa or Polanco.

National museum of anthropology near Dominion Suites Polanco

National museum ​of anthropology

Make the best of your visit to the most important museum in Mexico, exploring it in the company of an expert and choosing between four different thematic itineraries according to your specific interests.

Woman performs Aztec culture near Dominion Suites Polanco

The aztec culture

Understand the history of the Aztecs from their origins until the Spanish conquest, admire the architecture and urbanism of their city and its development,  their cosmovision, religion, social and economic organization.

Luis Barragan Architecture near Dominion Suites Polanco

Luis barragán architecture

Visit Cuadra San Cristóbal (the stables), the Lover's Fountain and the Satélite Towers, as well as three of his most outstanding works in Mexico City: Pedregal House, Gilardi House and the Convent of the Capuchin Clares.

Contemporary art and design near Dominion Suites Polanco

Contemporary ​art & design

Visit the best Art Galleries, artists workshops, exclusive Mexican design shops, fashion designers' showrooms or temporary exhibitions at the best museums. Let us curate for you a personalized itinerary...

Puebla and Cholula near Dominion Suites Polanco

Puebla & cholula

Visit the Historic Center of the picturesque city of Puebla, with its jewels of religious architecture, its alleys and delicious gastronomy, as well as the beautiful village of Cholula with its impressive pyramid.

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